Mangolandia aims to be an online guide to the offline wanderings of Ankur Shah, through the woods, whiles, and wilds of music, food, farming, the structure of the “trip”, and whatever else is relevant to the modern world.

LMO: Summer Building Community – about the summer building workshop in Sequim, July – September 2013

Keepin Up With the Mangos — to subscribe to future updates from the Mangolandia experience

Mangolandia Communiques — the latest updates (this is the actual ‘blog’ item)

Where are You? — current phone and postal contact information, with clues to continental or county whereabouts.

Sometimes We Walk Alone — on-line text and ordering information for the new book on Gandhi, pilgrimage, India, and ego.

Cooking Com Bigode — how to read, order, or otherwise interact with the official cookbook from “O Bigode” restaurant of Bahia

Ministry of Compassion — occasional stories and other forms of “process” for this first quarter of my tenure as a House Chaplain at Harborview Medical Center

Vegetative Uncertainty — sought and unsought culinary advice. hey, it’s free.

Mangoland Cooks! — information pertaining to the Fall 2008 series of international cooking classes offered on Washington State’s North Olympic Peninsula. now ended, but serving as a faithful record.