Where are You?

Paris is great and all that but it’s true I’ll be back in Sequim for the summer, to build and to laugh and to think about watershed management and poop control.

[leaving paris june 5th]


in sequim from july 1st to september 29th (we think)



83 Lost Meadow

Sequim, WA 98382




+1 361 265 8710

So there is an address in Paris. Los Uzureau have already moved in, and I’ll be there 1st March. Until then I’ll be in the bay area, but better to just send the letters on to Paris. They’re more valuable that way


108 blvd la Villette
Paris 75019
And I’ll have this voicemail device at +1 361 265 8710. Unclear whether I’ll be able to answer the calls, but I can receive voicemails and texts and I can call you back with skype or google skype or youtube skype or whatever they call it these days.

So in the internet world I think it’s called a total Fail when you do something incorrectly. Like move to Paris for a month and keep your old DC mailing address. And remember to update it 6 days before you leave Paris.


Luckily, everything else about this month has been a Smashing success.


So if you’ve got letters and haven’t sent them, use the permanent address:


83 Lost Meadow

Sequim, WA 98382



And if you already sent it to DC, I can get my old-roommates to forward them on to me, no problem.

I will be in transit for 1/2 november, and arrive in Sequim on Nov 15th, where I will rester until Dec 4, most likely. After that, it’s the road again




There’s been less attention than time in the past lunar cycle to properly expose this, but I recently from Washington to Washington.

That’s right, I’m neighbors with JFK’s body and the Brazilian embassy in Washington DC.


Parties and letters to:

2912 16th St. NE

Washington DC 20018


Directions for the car-free and bike-impoverished:

Take metro to Rhode Island on the red line and walk up the hill on Rhode Island avenue until 16th st,

turn left, and walk a block and a half. Blue house on your left. i live on the top floor. You can yell my name.


Or take capital bikeshare to 12th and Monroe (near Brookland metro stop) and walk from there. My house is at 16th and Hamlin.


anticipated staying until october 15, 2011, possible extension, with minimal travel during that time.

ie: sent lots of letters.


– ankur

Dear Friends

I am in Liberia with Kate, as of Monday June 14th, and until the end of 2010, it seems. There will be a trip to the US for perhaps around a month (in August/September) during which time I can pick up mail and what not. Still have not figured out exactly what I’m doing here (it’s been four days) besides eating mangos (which are copious).

There is so much I feel I want to share, but it’s been difficult to process the time here, very overwhelming. Heaviness. I’m just not sure about much. But I’m sure that will come.



contact information a


Dear friends

We’ve past the ides, the valentines, and the presidents. February remains, and I am in New York, with the snow. I am here to organize a coming-out-of-retirement party (for myself), which may or may not happen. But the stars above the clouds and swirling flakes indicate I’ll be on the east coast for a while, a few months, between New York, Connecticut, and Boston.

As always, open for business. 361 . 265 . 8710


83 Lost Meadow Lane

Sequim, WA 98382


until December perhaps

360 683 5398 home

no cell phone

lots of love.

beauty is devotion
a parade of angels
below my neem tree

northward bound.

its entirely too hot in india and i still dont have
my own mobile phone
or my own anything
for that matter
in a storm of blessings
and a billion souls

any letters should now be sent to:

Ankurbhai (swamiji)
at Rawala, post Satnoor
taluka Warud, district Amravati
Maharastra, 444907

I will be there in early June to pick them up. I will last get mail in A-bad (previous address) on May 6th, and will be back there in June as well. Nothing is lost.

Leaving Ahmedabad April 15th

Leaving Jaipur April 20th

Leaving Haridwar April 22nd

on foot for Gangotri

For the month of May I will likely not be in material contact. The heart is right to love.

Ankur is en route to Mangoland and around those parts (south asia) until august 7th.

Email works well.

ankurbhai at mangolandia dot org

He can receive textos and calls on his indian cell phone. The number last year (2008) was

+91 99241 17549

It could be the same.

Vastly superior to all other options besides visiting is the postal service, to

Ankur Shah

ankur shah

c/o manav sadhana

sabarmati gandhi ashram




But, really, if you really care, come visit. I am practicing music meditation farming chaplaincy painting and, most importantly, relinquishing control.


Update: Dorky pager will be phased out of service in the next few hours, and will not survive Jan 15th, 2009 in my presence.

I am also flying far away from Sequim, Seattle, Harborview Medical Center, and Nash’s amazing carrots this evening, to the wild salsa-d skyscrapers of New York City.

I’ll be square, there, until Monday January 19th, at which I commence a 3-day business trip to Brazil, which includes an extended planning meeting while floating from Manaus to Belem over 3-days. The world social forum awaits us.

After Brazil I’ll be in Mexico for 3 weeks, and will return to NYC on March 2nd. At that point I should be headed to India.

Telephone-wise, there isn’t much to offer. My Mexican simulation card may still function, but that’s unclear. I had a portable radiation box mailed to me (the same one from last year) but apparently it is powerless in America. We can work on that. The Indian number will be remembered and dredged when I get there.

Post inquires can be sent to:

Ankur Shah

c/o Christopher MacKinnon Holmes

411 St. Johns Place #5

Brooklyn, NY 11238

I will be there to pick up mail on January 19th, February 8th, and March 2nd. At least.

Orders regarding either of the books (Cooking Com Bigode or Sometimes We Walk Alone) can be called in to the int’l distribution center at Lost Mountain, +1 360 683 5398.

four string harmony,