A new corner of mangolandia devoted to the 2012 summer building project. As things go live, they will be hyperlinked.

Maybe you got the official invite. Maybe you didn’t. Here’s the link

Official Invite ]

Maybe you know about the workshop. Maybe you didn’t. Here’s the link

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For people who got the invite, maybe there’s no mention of this Observatory concept. The Observatory is still a dream, but the concept is a puree of farm, restaurant, ashram, conference center, monastery, and silent meditation retreat center. In the future of my dreams there are small huts all over the land, and people are busy being silent in some, and playing the violin for forty days in others. We have fruits trees and vegetables and bees and the food we serve all comes from the valley and our our kneading knuckles. In the even more distant future of my dreams, not even manifest in watercolors to-date, there are groups of people who come for different healing visions. Maybe some groups of veterans working on creative-writing projects, or cancer patients experimenting with juice fasts, or kids who have never had a chance to play with earthworms to explore the garden. What weaves it all up the healing power of togetherness and everyday life, even when we are alone.


Naturally, everything runs on the “economy of the gift” and have a gandhian “swadeshi” feel.

In common speak, that means you get to eat as much as you want, and/but you still get to do your own dishes.


Details follow:

step I: What is this Observatory, anways?

step II: How do I sign up and get there (physically and otherwise)?

step III: What should I expect this summer?


Form To Fill Out If You Might Come



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